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Pea Island Lifesaving Station

Everything that Exists is Attached to Intent

Pea Island Dune

Freedom is expensive, but the price is not impossible

Bodie Island

Waste neither time nor power fearing freedom

Pea Island

What you are doing now may be your last act on earth

Oregon Inlet

Oregon Inlet: Troubled Bridge Over Untroubled Water

Nags Head Cottages

As long as you follow a path with heart, you are one with it

Nags Head Pier

Nags Head fishing pier: We are unfathomable


SKOAL: Toast without Bread and Drink without Liquid

Nags Head Cottage

Cottage in Nags Head: Shutting Off the Internal Dialogue


You have everything you need for the extravagant journey that is your life

John's & pier

The Wheel of Time

Dick White Bridge

The Dick White Bridge: All We Have is Life to be Lived

Living on the Outer Banks for more than twenty years has provided many opportunities for writing, art and photography. The face of the island changes daily, if not hourly, and it always serves to provide inspiration. The images offered in this series combine some of the elements that I love most: the sea, the dunes, iconic landmarks and our distinctive vegetation. They're a reminder that we are always at the mercy of the elements in this magical place.

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